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The protagonists...

La Lionne

Rolfcircus Began dancing at the age of 4, having studied the three disciplines of dance - contemporary, jazz and classical.
Contemporary dance remains her passion and working in motorcycle acrobatics has opened up new choreographic possibilities


Rolfcircus Began stunting in 2003 and has never stopped since...

He is specialized in pinder, balancing and burnouts.
Over the years he has created new moves, such as his unique drags, pinders and numerous other burnouts of which he's the only known performer in the world...

Les Motos

Rolfcircus Rolfcircus Rolfcircus
Kawasaki 636 Honda 900 CBR Honda 900 CBR
In clown decor...
A very versatile motorcycle good for wheelies, stoppies, drifting and various pinders.
Café style racer...
A bike specially designed for duo balancing, as well as technical drifting and solo/duo burnouts. It can be used for small distances and in straight lines.
Cafe style Racer, entirely in leather, specially adapted for solo and duo drift for spectacle or circuit.

personnages For some shows, other characters make appearances during storytelling. …