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Welcome to Rodolphe and Leslie!

Dance and acrobatic motorcycle. A blend of both disciplines...

Welcome to our unusual world which combines body and mechanics in an impressive show of contemporary dance and acrobatic motorcycle. Our aim is to bring our show to new audiences for them to discover our talents...
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An explanation:

Motorcycle acrobatics is a highly technical discipline which we have combined with art.

"La Glisse" comprising burnouts and drifting, gives a sensation of speed and involves skimming across the ground without applying undue force giving power to the movements.

Balance, consisting of satellites and pinders, brings roundness, fluidity and grace to the performance.

Stunts performed on the rear wheel (Wheelies) and front wheel (Stoppies), give an impression of height and lightness, adding a spectacular element to the show.

All this requires a lot of time and training.

We complement this by mixing in contemporary dance to offer you a unique experience.

Contemporary dance is a beautiful method of bodily expression leaving free rein to the imagination and having no agreed definition. Each performer has their own unique instincts and ways of exhibiting the creative aspects of their movements.